Adriana MeBarr

Yoga Instructor (Yin Yang Flow)

AdrianaMeBarrAdriana is a Certified Yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance with more than 8 years of teaching in the Middle East and 20 years of personal practice. She has studied with masters in South America, South Africa, Indonesia and the Middle East and is also a professional executive and personal mind coach trained by the American Coach Training Institute and a graduate from the Center for Right Relationship on Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching.

In her classes, you will see an unconventional delivery of the Yogic traditions, as she believes that being authentic in everything we do is the key for joy and balance. Nothing remains the same or is identical in life, neither are her sessions.

For her, Yoga is mediation in movement and she agrees with Gabriela Roth who said: "the quickest way to still the mind is to move the body”. Her passion today is to inspire individuals, groups and families to live happier lives using mediation, healing, mind coaching and yoga.

Bart Smyth

Chinese Energetics Medicine

bartBart has been with Dr Yuen for over 20 years and in this time has assisted well over 35,000 people. Dr Yuen gave him permission to bring his work to Europe in 1995. Bart has taught in Europe, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, Dubai and the United States ever since. A perpetual student of Dr Yuen for over 20 years, Bart rebuilt his spine, recovered from knee injuries skiing, regenerated his brain from many injuries do to his extreme sports life style, martial arts and car/motorcycle accidents.

He also cleared himself of emotional and neurological impairment from pharmaceutical medications used after a car accident in 1983. Having rebuilt his body and mind he redesigned his career from being a partner in an architectural contracting company in San Francisco to, living a life of constant travel, service and expansion.

Bart has been training with Dr Yuen since 1994. Already practicing many modalities of natural therapies including homeopathy, massage, Network Chiropractic, Neuro Muscular, Thai and Japanese Shiatsu, Applied Kinesiolgy, Bach Flowers, Body Centered emotional/trauma release as well teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong in Las Vegas, NV.

Bart lives in Sweden now teaching throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the US offering one on one sessions as well online courses and group upgrade sessions. He addresses all aspects of life.

Cristiana Naufel

Yoga Instructor (Classical Hatha and Yin Yoga)/ Thai massage Therapist

b3496489f90e40c6878441a5ee9df12fCristiana worked for seven years as a flight attendant and during this time has tried to balance her hectic lifestyle with Spinning, Pilates, Body Balance classes, massages and yoga. But it was only 5 years ago that she reconnected to yoga on a trip to Rishikesh, India. Since then, she has been exploring various yoga styles, joined yoga-detox retreats and took part in workshops focusing on yoga, meditation, anatomy, healthy food and massage. In 2015, she hang up her wings in order to dedicate more time to her passions: first enrolling in a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage course in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and then completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Khajurao, India. To continue to deepen her Yoga practice and understanding of this ancient philosophy, she has also completed a Yin Yoga 50 hour training, in Dubai and a anatomy workshop on Neurofascial awareness. As a Yoga teacher, she aims to demonstrate that Yoga goes far beyond the physical. It’s a practice of acceptance, awareness and self-compassion: a pathway to achieve balance and lead a joyful and serene life.

"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself." Abraham Maslow

Eda Gungor

edaEda’s expert passion and dedication to constantly honing her skills helps people to connect to their own joyful potential. Eda specializes in different kinds of meditations such as transcendental meditation, sufi breathing chakra balancing meditations and zen meditations...Eda has taken a lifetime of experiences and decided the best way to honour your body is to holistically challenge it while treating it divinely. She believes by focusing on positive and inclusive lifestyle choices, change can be integral and long lasting - not merely a quick fix for today's fast paced and occasionally toxic world.

Eda regularly attends yoga retreats, silent treatments, astrology workshops, circles, masculine & feminine energy workshops, regression & past-life regression therapies and theta healing trainings, Chinese energetics... Eda believes that constant education is necessary for growth and helps with both spiritual and physical health. As an enthusiastic citizen of the world, Eda lives her happiness in such a genuine way that leaving her centre will leave you spiritually and physically uplifted.

Emma Thomson – Life Coach, Journey Practitioner, Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

Life Coach, Journey Practitioner, Reconnection-Certified Practitioner

I’m an eternal believer that anything is possible. If a full, rich, purposeful life is what you want, but have yet to fully experience, I invite you to work with me and make this happen. I’m passionate about healing, awakening and helping people live and thrive from their innate potential. In order to achieve this, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies must be functioning well and as a whole.

I specialise in Life Coaching, The Journey and The Reconnection. These varied skills worked (and continue to work) for me and hundreds and thousands of others worldwide. I feel completely blessed to be living my purpose, offering these services to you, giving you the choice to explore the possibility of living and thriving from a place of peace, joy and freedom. It really is possible.

I offer face to face and Skype/Distance sessions for all my services.

Visit for more information.

Your Life, Your Journey, Your choice, Your Freedom

January Corteza

Yoga Instuctor (Pre & Post Natal yoga & Mom and Baby Yoga)

january-corteza"Live your yoga" are the words I aspire and aim to bring people with the practice that I teach. My class focuses on physical alignment, dynamic movement and breath awareness through a step by step progression. Mindful sequencing of postures that weaves strength and stability with breath awareness helps people gain physical strength, flexibility and quiets the mind. I aim to let people experience the stillness and calm of being centered that pranayama and meditation can instill long after they have left their yoga mats.

Khadijeh Madhoun

Pilates Instructor

image001She earned her Pilates Certification at the Pilates Teacher Training Center in Boulder Colorado. Born and raised in Dubai, UAE, she began her professional life in Corporate Marketing and Communication, then decided to make a transition to health and fitness industry. She gained her first certificate in professional movement training at ACE, then continued the Pilates Teacher Training Center in Boulder Colorado. Khadijeh teaches Pilates reformer and tower classes in Life’n One in both group and private settings.

Krystal May

Yoga Instructor -Ashtanga Vinyasa

IMG_9239Krystal discovered a deep love for yoga and meditation during her travels in Asia, surrounded by nature and spirituality.

A new yogini, practicing for three years Krystal has found that in that short time yoga has not only allowed her to find her inner peace but also gain strength and flexibility.

She found that Yoga allowed her to grow- spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Krystal received her 200hour teaching certificate in India, Kranti Yoga, learning to instruct Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation techniques and Kriyas- ancient Aryuvedic cleansing methods and recently returned to India for a further 300 hours of traditional training.

Krystal has a passion for yoga and wants you to learn with her. In her classes expect to reconnect with yourself and your body, and leave feeling nourished-body, mind and soul.

Marwan Ghunaim

Capoeira Intructor

image001My Name is Marwan Ali Ghunaim and my Capoeira Name is Massai, originally from Palestine, born and raised between UAE & Jordan traveled to many other places in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

My interest in Capoeira started when i was 13 or 14 years old when i tried to implement what i saw on TV, but of course with no resource to learn my attempt failed.

15 years later and after getting involved with other martial art and dance for short periods then spending at least 10 years working for corporate i found a capoeira teacher in Dubai and since then till now i've been practicing.

Also i managed to start my own group building a capoeira group and community in Qatar. now that i moved back to Dubai i want to continue my journey to grow with the community practicing my passion.


Woman Circle, Cranio Sacral Treatment, 3in1 concept Kinesiology

maybMay-Britt is a Danish Naturopath, Life Coach, Personality Consultant and Yoga Teacher. She has been working in the field of Natural Healing and Personal Development for the past 20 years. May-Britt uses a variety of techniques in her practice such as Chakra Balance, Kinesiology, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Coaching, Nutrition and Yoga, all of which support the journey towards optimal health and wellbeing.

May-Britts philosophy is to help YOU help YOURSELF and to be a catalyst for positive change. Through individual attention YOU will learn and gain a sense of self-reliance and feel empowered to take responsibility for YOUR own health and life choices, ultimately creating a positive change in your own life.

“Health is not a condition, but something we need to work on every moment of every day..”

Sarah Abdelal

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

sarah-abdelalI was born and raised in Germany and I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration, another in Customs and have overseen many projects in the Middle East with multinational organizations in the fields of Real Estate, Logistics, Legal Firms and Transportation. I have also taken part in many charitable works with various NGO’s around the world (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Syria and UAE and more). Through the travels and volunteering work, I developed the ability to interact and communicate with people from various backgrounds and beliefs, this has furthered the ever resting sense of curiosity within me and made me even more eager to have a closer understanding of the individuals and society impact caused by traumas, sufferings in consequence to an unkind experiences and symptoms caused by unforeseen events. Sarah does Reiki ,NLP, Pranic Practitioner, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aura and Chakra Reader, NLP practitioner and Meditation and Workshop Conductor. Strongly believes that living in complete peace and joy is every human's birth right and I love my job as it makes me see that human transformation to a higher consciousness is possible.


Certifications are:

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American School of Hypnosis

Aura Reading Practitioner

Basic Pranic Healing Practitioner

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Certified Aura and Chakra Reader


Gong Meditation

ZarineZarine is an intuitive facilitator for guided, sound meditations and energy healings. She plays the gongs, singing bowls and other sound instruments during the sessions. She continues to study the Way of the Gong with the Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux. She facilitates these sessions all over the UAE and has played in England, France, Karachi and Kuwait.

Zeid Bataineh

Yoga Instructor (Tantra Yoga)

_MG_8431For seven years, Zeid sought out different types of yoga in search of the true philosophy behind the ancient practice. It was in an ashram in India that taught a traditional form of yoga called ‘Tantra’ that quenched Zeid’s search. He spent four months living and breathing the system where he also received his 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certificate.

Tantra is a combination of two Sanskrit words roughly meaning "essence of essence". The system's underlying principle is that we are infinite beings that express our individuality in an all encompassing, absolute conscious reality – it sees yoga as more than a practice that builds external strength through the Āsanas, but as a non- competitive tool to balance our internal realities, ultimately to achieve a blissful experience of our true self.

It became Zeid’s passion to share the ways of the traditional Tantric system by culturing his students to follow their intuition through the Āsanas. Through teaching the practice, he aims to influence his students’ lives off the matt by teaching them how to flow through life as they do during the Āsanas - skilfully and efficiently.