One Cafe teams up with Chef Hayley Mac

One café has teamed up with the regions leading raw food chef to create an exciting new menu which aims to nourish your body while opening your sense of taste to new and exciting culinary experiences. All the ingredients are home grown organic produce. Creating a menu is a labour of love and the new menu at One Café aims to create familiar textures and flavours presented in new and exciting ways.

Its not only the food that entices you to life n one – the beautiful garden which is home to the café is truly a haven of peace and tranquility and a great retreat from the fast paced urban life in Dubai – and the coffee is great too!

Keep checking back as we will be updating the menu daily with incredible new dishes

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Breakfast Bowl (Spiced Organic Oats, soaked over night in our blend of Probiotic Almond, Cashew & Coconut mylk, spinkled with Chia, Golden Linseed, a selection of tropical fruit).   AED38
Acai Bowl (Fresh frozen Brazilian Acai & Banana blend, White Chia, Cacao Nibs all served in a beautiful Omani Coconut) AED43
Jumbo Chia Pudding (This is no ordinary Chia Pudding. We soaked White Organic Chia in our creamy blend of Probiotic Almond, Cashew & coconut milk. We then folded through Organic Nectarine spiced with Sri Lankan Cinnamon & if that wasn’t enough….we then added a smashed up an Orange Pana Chocolate bar.)    AED39


Rocket Man (probiotic, almond & cashew milk, turkish coffee, RAW Caribbean cacao, vanilla, tahini, coconut sugar)    AED57
Green Goblin (kale, celery, coriander, broccoli, apple, cucumber, lime )    AED57
Miracle (pineapple, korean ginseng, lemon, ginger, celery, cucumber )    AED42
Orange Ade (orange, pumpkin, carrot, tumeric, ginger )    AED52


Roasted red pepper and heirloom tomato soup (garnish choice: chili oil, basil oil, or both )    AED52
Sushi bowl with tamari ginger dipping sauce (edamame, quinoa, cauliflower, rice, nori, seasonal veggies & avocado)    AED52 


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