Workshops in December 2015

Kristen with Harinaam - December 18, 2015

Friday, December 18 Harinaam is a well known Kirtan singer who has been practicing Bhakti Yoga since past 18 years. Harinaam has been performing kirtans in yoga festivals, yoga studios and private home concerts making the audience involved in mantra chanting along with his team of expert musicians. “Kirtan is the Yoga of Music” It is the art of calling upon the divine energies and Harinaam’s soul stirring kirtans inspires you to experience those energies and bring in joy and peace within your heart. Kirtan One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, the Kirtan call-and-response chanting genre comes to us from India. Using ancient Sanskrit mantras, the Kirtan calls upon sacred energies which helps us to experience the original emotions in our heart, it removes obstacles, and brings us back to the center of our being. As we sing, each person will have an individual unique experience, and in our combined singing we invoke the energy of the powerful sound vibrations and become freed from our daily stress, our mind becomes peaceful and we experience true happiness. By repeating simple mantras over and over, faster and faster, the kirtan is an easy way for people to experience... View Article

Shamanic Energy Release & Visualizations – 1 hour - December 15, 2015

Price 300 AED – 15 December Tuesday 7pm-8pm Shamanism is the world’s oldest and spiritual practice, having been in existence for 40,000 years across all parts of the world. While seemingly exotic at first glance, Shamanism is very valuable and relatable in today’s modern world, with a belief in the complete balance of mind, body and soul so that the individual can live fully and freely, achieving their higher purpose. In this session, we will use intuitive visualization to produce a deep energetic release of what no longer serves you, detoxing the mind and body from dense energies. This empowering technique can also be extended to aid in decision-making, or access higher wisdoms to better understand your current reality. Crystals, sound and other Shamanic tools help the release as required. Lee Coleman American by birth, Lee Coleman was born in Virginia and lived in New York City, before relocating to London in 2006. In London Lee ran a successful business in luxury personal shopping as a part of Quintessentially Concierge. Lee was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, the Huffington Post and other international press outlets. Living a glamorous life in the luxury world was all fun in theory, but... View Article

The Art of Telepathy level 3 - December 12, 2015

Prerequisite:  Level 1 & 2 The Art of Telepathy This course is principally for those who are interested in developing their awareness and skills of telepathy. This is a highly interactive and powerful training program, so come rested and ready to learn. If you want to see and feel the difference between ‘psychic’ and ‘telepathy’, mediumship, then this workshop is for you! You’ll learn about the importance of understanding symbolism, and how to establish a telepathic link with ‘The Other Side’. Sabine will also provide you with some basic distinctions in terminology, as we discuss the many tools and methods used to detect telepathy, spirit, intuitive, communication and the ‘triggers’ you can use to stimulate your perceptive centers. The objective of this workshop is to open up your natural spiritual gifts so you can enjoy a greater connection with your spirit loved one and your own source of guidance. Throughout the workshop, I will teach specific techniques and exercises to enhance your abilities to ‘Connect’ and share my philosophy on psychic foundation upon which telepathy is built. Join us during this 2 days course, discover your hidden potential, and bring it to a higher level. TOPICS COVERED: stimulate your perceptive... View Article

Raw Food Workshop - December 9, 2015

Raw Food is uncooked and not heated above 46°C (115 °F) in order to preserve the enzymes. Enzymes are the life force of food; they are responsible for every metabolic action in the body. Plant enzymes are important because they are capable of digesting food before the body’s own digestive process begins. Raw food is composed of the wholesome ingredients, which are unprocessed, unrefined, without synthetic flavorings and preservatives; they break down slowly and feed your body with sustained energy. Benefits of the raw food consumption are: containing anti-ageing enzymes, having healthier skin, hair and nails have more energy and endurance, weight loss, easy digestion, receiving more nutrients, diminishes tiredness etc. Menu: Tomato Soup Raw Nut-loaf & Cranberry Relish Raw & Vegan Gingerbread cookies   1st workshop from 9am-12noon 2nd workshop from 7pm-10pm 290 AED per person

The Art of Telepathy Level 2 - December 4, 2015

Prerequisite:  Level 1 The Art of Telepathy Throughout this course we will continue using telepathy to reset your ability to better control your environment and the way you function within it. ’Telepathy is a useful tool to have in your day to day life, both to send messages appropriately and to defend yourself from the influences that come towards you. When you master the use of telepathy, you gain the ability to attract opportunity, to prepare adequately for it, and to recognize and posses it when it arises. You will also find that you waste less energy on being misdirected and manipulated by others. In this way, telepathy helps you to chart a smooth, powerful, and productive path for yourself each day before you engage with the world and can also help to reveal new choices about how to respond to what is thrown your way’. The development of the will is one of the essential parameters improving and developing the practical abilities of telepathy; that one is the “sender” and the other is the “receiver”. But how? Join us during this 2 days course, discover your hidden potential, and bring it to a higher level. TOPICS COVERED: Keys to... View Article

The Art of Telepathy Level 1 - December 3, 2015

“There is an immense ocean over which the mind can sail, upon which the vessel of thought has not yet been launched”. Resolve conflict & influence your life & others positively; clear negative thoughts, discover the hidden power of your mind! Experiential learning through group activities, roleplay, life sharing experiences, discussions and actions… Telepathy can be activated following the general principle that attention and interest foster their manifestations… You may wonder why it is so hard to know what another mind is thinking about?  Most of us misconception that it’s impossible to read another person’s mind! But, this is a common misbelieve. Just by training your mind through various techniques, you can easily make it ready to scan other’s person’s mind too! You will learn how to activate these superpowers and take advantage of them to make drastic improvements in your life. Given the proper mindset and training, you can have the ability to communicate telepathically easily and effortlessly. Telepathy is not reserved for “gifted” people. It’s already there inside us, everyone is born with this capability, although only few are aware of it, it is natural. As humans, we learn to rely on verbal communication and our telepathic skills... View Article

Creative Alchemy - December 3-5, 2015

Have you ever said: ‘I can’t paint/sing/dance’, ‘I’m not creative’, ‘I don’t have time to be creative’, ‘I can’t meditate’, ‘I feel disconnected from nature, to others and with myself being here in Dubai’? Perhaps now is the time to change all that? If you are already connected to your creative self, do you want to go even deeper? Join Flordeliza Pesigan in a fun yet transformational journey with art, movement, voice, breath and meditation in a hidden gem garden oasis amidst the busy Dubai Life ‘n One Dubai. Creative Alchemy is about: *Unleashing and activating your creative energy*Providing a safe, fun and sacred space allowing you to have a meeting with yourself, fears, inhibitions and truth*Recalling your authenticity*Connecting with your inner child*Reconnection to nature and elements specially that you live in the middle of the city*Surrendering to the magic of the Divine creative flow We will focus more on painting and developing the inner artist whether you are a beginner or a professional artist. Although there’ll be a lot of free creative expression, there will also be some guidance on techniques along the way. It will be mixed therapeutic, fun and technical. At the end is our own Art... View Article

Connecting to Your Life Purpose: Manifestation, Values & Voids– 2 hours - December 1, 2015

Price 250 AED – 1December Tuesday 7pm-9pm Feeling stuck, bored or unclear on where you are headed? This intensive class will help you gain incredible clarity and focus on your life purpose. By getting deeply in touch with our authentic desires, we will harness the full potential of the Universe and create a powerful space to manifest. My goal is for you to leave class with a mission statement about your unique life purpose in hand, ready to rock the world! We will also: Discuss the 7 Areas of Life (Physical Vitality, Family, Friends, Career, Finance, Spirituality and Mental) and how they relate and interact with your core values Create a manifestation roadmap on how you can ‘Be, Do & Have’ everything that your soul wishes so you can achieve the success that you were capable of all along Analyze how perceived ‘voids’ and ‘values’ affect how we feel about ourselves, relationships, work, money and more Lee Coleman American by birth, Lee Coleman was born in Virginia and lived in New York City, before relocating to London in 2006. In London Lee ran a successful business in luxury personal shopping as a part of Quintessentially Concierge. Lee was featured in the Wall... View Article