Workshops in January 2016

THE NEW BODY - January 27, 2016

A new awarenessA 2 hour introductory talk for anyone with a body!Presented by: Karin Locher Overview: This short talk brings a new understanding of how the body is best at ease and how, when, and why it leads to dis-ease. It will demonstrate a new way of seeing and being with the body. How to we can be involved with sustaining the outcome of its health and well-being; we are the facilitators of our reality. It explains how experienced difficulties, restrictions, pain and illnesses are all part of what has been lived, derived from the body’s innate nature to respond and adapt willingly. It demonstrate and introduces the audience to the Neurofascia (connective tissue) as a system; its extraordinary adaptability and response to every action and reaction that is made, even to feelings, thoughts and to all contact. It shows how we can make change in an instance, but how sustaining that change takes the awareness of the actions, reactions and habits. How it is being the change that will sustain the change. It shows how this new fascial awareness is the key to understanding the body’s nature and of your role within it, enabling you to achieve a whole... View Article

Anma - 25th Jan – 30th Jan 2016

One on one sessions 1 hour – 650AED (bookings for 2 or more sessions, 10% off) Nir LEVY Instructor and therapist of Anma, Ampuku and Body reading. Specialized in emotional work through corporal body work, and Chinese physical therapy body work. 23 years experience of therapy, and 19 years experience of teaching. Student of the Japanese grand master Dr. Doann Tesunu Kaneko. Co owner of “Anma – Ampuku school of healing arts ”, in Madrid. Formed hundreds of students in the USA, Turkey and SPAIN. contact me: Anma An – pressing   Ma – rubbing Known also in the traditional name “A relaxed arm movement”. The Anma is one of the oldest healing arts in the world, the art originated in China 5000 years ago; It is based on the philosophy of Taoism, the model of “Yin and Yang” and the Chinese “5 elements theory”. Approximately 1500 years ago, the Anma arrived to Japan by worrier’s monks that have been sent by the emperor, to bring different Chinese arts that will enrich the Japanese culture. In Japan the Anma has been adjusted to the Japanese culture and the locals needs. The form of the Anma we practice today is the... View Article

Activate your Chakras Workshop (Includes Aura and Chakra Photography) - January 22, 2016

11:00am- 1:00pm 350 aed per person   Do you know which Chakras are active and which ones are blocked?Do you know what you energy you vibrate to the outer world?Have you ever seen your Aura ? Do you know what blocks each Chakra?Do you know how to protect your own aura?Do you know how to see auras? During this exciting workshop you will learn and explore the followings: Explanation of the chakras and the meaning of our aura.How to feel and see someone’s aura easily.How the strength of a certain chakra affects the aura. Meaning of dominant colors in an aura.Meaning of missing colors in an aura.Explanation how to create a protective aura.Photo shooting of the aura of each participant.Analyzing each photo of each participant pointing out areas of strengths and areas of improvements.Analyzing three chakras visible in the photographyGuided meditation for chakra healing, aura cleansing and creating a protective shield. Every participant will receive their individual aura photograph by email. Participants are requested to wear white shirts/ tops during the workshop so that the aura can be clear in the aura photography. A small gift surprise is waiting for you too 🙂 

The Mandala Active Meditation (Paint your own Mandala) - January 20, 2016

7:15-8:15 80 aed per person   Mandala means circle in Sanskrit.Circles are a powerful symbol found in every culture. We see them in halos, prayer wheels, and other religious symbols, architecture, and nature. Mandalas are sacred circles that have been long been used to facilitate meditation in the Indian and Tibetan religions.  People create and look at mandalas essentially to center the body and mind.People who color mandalas often experience a deep sense of calm and well-being. It’s a simple tool that doesn’t require any expertise, but it can be remarkably soothing and nourishing.  Mandalas not only focus your attention, but allow you to express your creative side, which many of us neglect in our daily lives. Come and create your own Mandala.It’s Fun! Takes you to a different brain wave! Makes you feel in bliss!(All material will be provided for free)

Ecstatic Dance - January 14, 2016

7:00pm-9:00pm 100aed   Are you looking for an alternative way of spending your Thursday Dubai night? We are creating a no alcohol, no structure, no talking and no shoes space where you can have fun yet feel safe to dance with no apologies in full freedom.  Dance is medicine. Dance like no one is watching. Give yourself permission to have a music journey and dance YOUR DANCE to awesome sound, vibe and energy from everyone else fully expressing, discovering themselves and experiencing their own body. There will be a little guidance and a welcome circle in the beginning. After the dance relax your body & soul to a healing sound. Please arrive on time for the whole experience! ”Dance! Dance! Otherwise we are lost!” — Pina Bausch

Chakra Dancing (Activate your Chakras with Dancing) - January 13, 2016

7:15-8:15 80 aed per person   Not many of us are expressing our true Goddess withinThis class is to awaken the Goddess within you!Experience a re-connection with yourself by dancing to music that vibrates to the energies of each chakra! Dancing the seven chakras is like dancing into seven different inner landscapes, each with its own lessons, meanings and stories. We explore our instincts, sexuality, and power, how we love and communicate, our intuition and our spirituality. The process of Chakradance involves letting the movements emerge spontaneously as you surrender to the music of each chakra. It feels like entering into a waking dream. You may see images in your mind’s eye, recall memories or gain insights related to each chakra. You may also feel emotions or physical sensations. It’s a gentle unfolding, an awakening of who you really are. The joy of experiencing Chakradance in a class setting is the power of group energy. Although each participant is dancing their own individual journey, when a group of people dance together with the intention of healing, the energy and healing is heightened. Come and explore a different style of dancing………

Sound Alchemy – New Moon Sacred Cacao - January 12, 2016

7:15pm-9:00pm   Every New Moon symbolizes an energetic doorway that allows us to tune in with our inner world, shed our old skin, and break ground for new cycles, finding our center and letting go of the blockages and those that no longer serve us. So let’s activate our hearts and celebrate the energy of this new moon with our Voices – our own energy medicine,…with the magic of ‘Mama Cacao’….and recalibrate and align your body and soul with sound healing. There’ll be meditation, voice activation, 5 elements dance with world music plus live instruments, shamanic sound healing journey and of course….Love and Fun. Cacao which also means ‘Food of the Gods’, is an ancient teacher plant medicine that opens the heart and is a gentle facilitator of healing. The elixir drink will be made from 100% Ceremonial grade organic cacao. ***For those with physical difficulties, dancing within is just as deep and beautiful. You have the option to receive and experience the music the way you prefer. Your facilitator – Flordeliza Amore Pesigan is a multi-discipline Artist, Performer, Sonic and Dance Alchemist. Facilitator of 5 Elements Dance Activation, Cacao Ceremonies and Shamanic Sound journeys. She is passionate about sharing her... View Article

Manifest 2016 and create your FUTURE - January 8, 2016

11:00am -1:00pm 350 aed per person   Create your 2016 ? Manifesting your visions , goals and dreams? YES it is POSSIBLE! We all have the power of creating your own personalized Life Script and future! A Life Script is a detailed vision of your future, like a blueprint.  You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, so why would you build your life without one?  Used effectively, a Life Script not only helps you changeyour thoughts towards your future, but it will also guide you to intensify your feelings and change your limiting beliefs about what it is you truly desire. The process of writing a Life Script alone will bring opportunities to you because you are essentially changing your focus towards what you desire and away from what is wrong with your life. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of a Life Script takes place during its creation. So many of usare challenged with simply describing what it is that we want. A vision board consists of a collections of images,illustrations and words that visually represent the life you would like to lead. Creating your personal collage will help you imagine the the life you want to lead.When you... View Article

Dance into Trance - January 6, 2016

7:15-8:15 80 aed per person Does certain music automatically trigger a strong emotion in you? Can music instantly make you feel a certain way? Happy, sad, peaceful, angry… these are emotions that music or sound can trigger. We all know the power of an old song to trigger vivid memories that seem to transport us back in time and space. The songs we love become woven into a neural tapestry entwined with the people, seasons, and locations throughout our lifespan! Music has been practiced by us humans since our early existence to communicate, to express feelings and to celebrate! When listening to music our brainwaves automatically alter and take us into the Alpha state which is a state where we feel relaxed, in a light trance, have access to the subconscious mind and increase our serotonin level! Through “Dance into Trance” you will easily go into a deep and enjoyable trance simply by dancing and moving your body in coherence with the played music. You will be dancing on a wide variety of music from different continents and different times! Intuitively you will be able to connect to a certain kind of music much more than others and may be... View Article

Sound Alchemy – Introduction to Light Language - January 5, 2016

7:15pm-9:00pm 100 Aed per person With an alchemy of sound, sacred space and intentions let us have a glimpse and gratitude of how 2015 has been for the teachings it has served and with a New Year meditation, Welcome 2016 IN…Inside our hearts with open arms and an awakened Soul Voice – a powerful tool for authentic expression as you move forward to the future! You will explore and experience the healing power, frequency and harmony of your own soul voice. Our voice is an incredible energy medicine to heal yourself, raise your consciousness, clear negative emotions and it costs nothing…so allow yourself to access it. You will connect with others through guided heart opening meditation and then feel the re-alignment of your body and soul through 5 elements sound healing journey with live Shamanic instruments such as medicine drum, Tibetan bowl and many others as well as channeled voice. Self-expression is powerful, so give the wisdom of your body the freedom to either bathe in the sound lying down or moving in meditation. We integrate and end in silence. Come in your fully authentic heart space. If you feel or say that you do not sing,.. Maybe it’s time... View Article