Workshops in January 2015

Life’n One Workshops from February to April - January 28, 2015

Hi everyone! We’d like to share to you our upcoming workshops, have a look the details below, and don’t miss to mark your calendar:  30 & 31st of January (weekend) – Vipasana Meditation Retreat with Robina Courtin 5 – 15th February – Inversion Therapy one on one sessions with Founder Paul Terrell 13 & 14th February (weekend) – Rising of the Phoenix Workshop with Amara Tia Ann 19-21st February Yoga Fest 22nd February – Tibetian Yoga with Michael Roach Workshop 27 & 28th February (weekend) – Yoga Entrepreneurship 1 workshop with Kaya Peters 2nd March – 4thApril – Chakra Workshop with May-Britt Searty (once a week for 8weeks) 3rd March – 5th April – Chakra Workshop with May-Britt Searty (once a week for 8weeks) 6th March – Art & Music Therapy with Michela 4 & 11& 18 & 25 March – Women’s Circles (4 week course) 13 – 25th March – Inversion Therapy by Paul Terrell 13 & 14th March (weekend) – Backbends and Inversions Workshop with Monika Munzinger 14th March (Saturday) – Free Theta Healing Day (4pm – 7pm) 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th – Myalchemy Yoga Workshop with Cate 20 & 21st March (weekend) – Yoga workshop with Mithila Ubayasekara... View Article

2015’s Latest Programs & Sessions - January 6, 2015

                         Paul Terrell Paul studied law and biology then moved into working in engineering, design, construction and music. He started training in Yoga, massage and healing in the 70s, has taught hatha yoga and tai chi as well as playing in acoustic bands and singing in choirs . After several years of study he founded The School of Inversion Therapy in 1993. Paul gives seminars in the Raja Yoga of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and runs workshops in Matrix Training which is a form of Tantra Yoga. Paul is currently the principal of the school, holding clinics and teaching over the past twenty two years in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Japan, Bali, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Turkey and India. His main clinics at this time are in Turkey, the UK and Sweden. Here’s the schedule of his session/program: 5th of February – One on one session – AED750 per person for 1.5 hour 15th of February – One on one session – AED750 per person for 1.5 hour Session description: Inversion Therapy is a new form of yoga therapy which treats specific physical imbalances, both structural and physiological, as well as psychological imbalances. Everyone will... View Article